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Schoolwide Service Projects

As part of our commitment to using our gifts to serve others in our local and global communities, students at St. Dominic School take part in monthly service projects.  These projects are coordinated by the students in specific grade levels who, in collaboration with their teacher, plan projects and activities to raise awareness as well as supplies or funds to support their organization or cause.   

Over the past few years, we have supported the following causes & organizations:
Adopt-A-Family, through the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels 
Elizabeth House
Missionary Childhood Association
Pasadena Humane Society
St. Julie's School in Uganda
Victims of Hurricane Maria & other natural disasters





We Can Make a Difference!

In the spring of the 2017-18 school year, a couple of fifth grade girls approached Mrs. Diaz and asked if they could hold a bake sale. They hoped to raise money to buy toys for children in the hospital. They gathered a few other fifth grade classmates and coordinated with their parents to hold a nacho and bake sale. The sale raised well over $300. The students were able to go online and purchase toys from Amazon.com, which were delivered to the school. In the meantime, they named their group “We Can Make a Difference.” The project culminated in late April when the group visited Shriners Hospital in Pasadena in order to deliver toys to the children being treated there. They were able to meet patients, pass out toys, and had a tour of the facility.

While St. Dominic School students do a lot of service, this project was unusual in that it was entirely student driven. The idea was theirs alone from the beginning, not based on the suggestion or direction of a teacher or parent. They organized the bake sale, purchased the toys, and most impressively, coordinated with the hospital to set up a date to visit. They never lacked motivation and were very persistent in seeing their project through to the end. They did a fantastic job and we are so proud to call them St. Dominic Saints!