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VIRTUS & Fingerprinting Information


All families must complete mandatory service hours.  In order to volunteer at school or at school and/or parish events, all volunteers must take a VIRTUS course and be fingerprinted.  There is no charge for either of these.



Go to www.la-archdiocese.org/org/protecting/safeguard/Pages/education.aspx.

  • Click on VIRTUS Online Upcoming Sessions

  • Scroll down and click on Los Angeles - San Fernando Region

  • Scroll through the list of upcoming sessions to find a date and time that works for you.

    • Please note that you do not have to attend a session in the San Fernando region.  You are welcome to attend a session in a different Los Angeles region.  However, any classes at St. Dominic will be listed under the San Fernando region.

    • If you have never attended a VIRTUS session, be sure to sign up for the 3 hour “Protecting God’s Children for Adults.”  “Keeping the Promise Alive” sessions are only for those renewing their VIRTUS certification.

  • Go back to the top and click on “Start Registration.”  Create a username and password (or login if you have one), complete the registration process and select a course.


Please note, you will need to renew your VIRTUS certification every four years, either through reading short online articles every month and requesting an automatic recertification OR attending a recertification session.



  • In order to find an upcoming fingerprinting location & time please visit www.la-archdiocese.org/org/hr/Pages/fingerprinting.aspx

  • Click on the upcoming calendar to find a date and location.

  • Call to make an appointment.

  • You do NOT need to fill out the Applicant Questionaire UNLESS you are using a fingerprinting vendor outside of the Archdiocese.


Please bring a copy of your VIRTUS certificate and fingerprinting form (white out social security & driver’s license numbers) to the school office.  We keep these forms on file as proof that our volunteers are in compliance.