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St. Dominic School is proud to have an extremely active and committed PTO!  The PTO is composed of the entire parent community, represented by the Executive Board. The purpose of the PTO is to:

  • Promote open communication among the parents, teachers and administration
  • Provide support for the principal in his or her role as the administrator of the school program
  • Promote goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, administration, and parish
  • Direct and coordinate parental support through parent education activities and social functions that build community
  • Help build and enhance the faith community of St. Dominic School and Parish
  • Develop and implement marketing activities and strategies
  • Raise funds for the school
  • Coordinate the service and volunteer programs
  • Lobby for legislation that has a positive impact on the school and its students

Thanks to the hard work and fundraising efforts of our entire PTO community, St. Dominic has been able to accomplish the following projects, which were identified and selected based on parent input:

  • Install a video entrance system and security cameras throughout the school
  • Fund the initial two years of the Planet Bravo program
  • Remodel the student bathrooms
  • Build garden beds in the upper yard and install a hedge along Maywood Ave.
  • Purchase two carts of student iPads


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our PTO Executive Board with questions, suggestions, or feedback!

Acting Chair - Tiffany Oluwanifise 

Marketing - Adriana Madrigal 
Secretary - Mimie Honda 
Apparel - Karen Cortes & Noemi Fuentes-Medina
Fundraising & Events - Cynthia Leiva & Maribel Garciano 
Room Parents - Jessica Goyenetche 
Hospitality - May Paragas