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We may not be in our classrooms, but students are busy learning at home!  

Beginning on March 17, our students and teachers moved to distance learning.  Teachers are using Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Parent Square to distribute weekly and daily lesson plans for students.  Instruction is delivered via teacher made videos (using Educreations, ShowMe, and YouTube) and through daily Zoom calls, both as a whole class and in small groups.  Teachers are incorporating a wide variety of additional resources and programs to support learning including teacher made packets, Socrative, Khan Academy, Prodigy, Flipgrid, Adobe Spark, online textbook platforms, and more.  Seesaw and Google Classroom allow teachers to comment verbally and in writing on student work and provide feedback, leading to a dynamic virtual interaction. We continue to grow our distance learning program, constantly evaluating its effectiveness and revamping when necessary.  It is our goal to keep our students learning and connected to their friends and teachers.  We are in this together!

See below for a few samples...

6th Grade Cinquain Poetry

A message of hope

Some of you may have read the stories of children around the world making rainbow pictures as a way to spread cheer and hope throughout this tense time. The idea is believed to have started in Italy, where the children also write "Andra' Tutto Bene," which translates roughly to "everything is going to be okay."

See our St. Dominic students and their beautiful creations and messages of hope!  May it bring you a moment of joy.