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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A graduate of St. Dominic School will be...

A committed Catholic who:

Has a firm foundation in, knowledge of, and
love of the Faith.

Actively participates in the Mass, sacraments, and traditions of the church.

Is a truthful and respectful person who tries to be like Jesus.

Willingly shares his/her gifts to serve others in the Church and global community.

A responsible and respectful person who:

Understands his/her innate value and the value of others as beloved children of God.

Is self-confident and self-motivated and has the inner strength to make moral, compassionate, and healthy choices.

Is prepared to make a positive difference in the world through his/her words and actions.

Values the diversity of all God's people.

An active and involved student who:

Is a self-motivated, life-long learner who has the skills and technological knowledge to succeed.

Has a solid foundation in the academic subjects and appreciation of the Arts.

Communicates effectively, thinks critically, and is a creative problem solver.