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St. Dominic School was founded in November 9 1924, four years after the parish was established. The Dominican Fathers recognized the need in the Eagle Rock area for a parochial school.

The Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of the Most Holy Name, San Rafael answered the appeal for teachers.

On September 8, 1925, the school opened with four teachers and about one hundred students. A building was erected on the northeast corner of Maywood and Merton Avenue that housed both the school and the church. Originally, there were four classrooms of two grades each. Still more students came to the school.

In 1941, when the church was completed, the old church was converted into extra classrooms. By 1953 the school had grown and eight Sisters were teaching. The following year, four brick classrooms were added as the school’s growth continued.

In September 1964, the school opened with an enrollment of 720 students. For the first time St. Dominic was a complete first through eighth grade school with two classes for each grade. In 1992, a Kindergarten class was added. The Science/Art classroom and Library/Computer classroom were added to the school in1996.  In 2012 the preschool program was established.

Currently, we have an enrollment of approximately 250 students in our preschool through eighth grade.  Our staff includes a team of 15 teachers and four aides, in addition to other support staff. We would love to share our school with you. Please call the office to set up a private tour!