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Wed. Sept. 26, 2018

5th grade Social Studies:  Social Studies TEST on FRIDAY Sept. 28. The test will cover content and vocabulary from pages 38-40 and 42 (they do not need to know the content on page 41; we are doing a whole separate lesson on the Aztec people so they do not need to know the content on page 43 either). They have a STUDY GUIDE in their notebooks.

The next state capitals quiz will be on Friday Oct. 5 (Washington and Idaho).

Tuesday Sept. 25, 2018

8th grade Social Studies: Quiz on the PROTESTANT REFORMATION tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 26. See notes on Google classroom.


Wednesday Sept. 19, 2018

5th grade Social Studies: this week's states and capitals are NEVADA (capital Carson City) and OREGON (capital Salem). Spelling the states and capitals CORRECTLY is part of the point value of the quiz. Quiz will be Friday Sept. 21. Students have the information in their Social Studies notebooks. (back page; map)

7th grade Social Studies: TEST on Roman Republic on Friday Sept. 21. More information on Google Classroom.

8th grade Social Studies: Finish the Henry VIII assignment on STUDY.COM by the next time we meet (Fri. Sept. 21). 

8th grade Religion: Each week or so we will focus on a different MASS RESPONSE. I will give you a written quiz and, more importantly, Mrs. Sullivan will judge how the class does on the response during Friday Mass. The focus for this week and next is: "MAY THE LORD ACCEPT THE SACRIFICE AT YOUR HANDS FOR THE PRAISE AND GLORY OF HIS NAME, FOR OUR GOOD AND THE GOOD OF ALL HIS HOLY CHURCH." (This response is after the priest has received the gifts of bread and wine and is at the altar. The priest will say: "Pray brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God the almighty Father.") 



TUESDAY SEPT. 11, 2018

5th Grade Social Studies - quiz Friday (Sept. 15) on the state capitals for California and Arizona. Students must be able to 1) identify both states on a blank map, 2) spell the names of both states correctly, including capitalization, 3) know the capital of California and Arizona, 4) spell the two capitals correctly, including capitalization.

Students should also study the definitions of EQUATOR, BERINGIA, MIGRATION, PALEO-INDIANS,  AGRICULTURE, and CIVILIZATION for a Vocabulary quiz which will also be on Fri. Sept. 15. 

The students are taking home their Social Studies notebooks. The definition are on pages 6 of their notebook. The state maps and capitals is in the BACK of their notebook. 


thu. Aug. 30, 2018

7th and 8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - Your notebook cover designs are due TOMORROW, Fri. Aug. 31.  I have also put a reminder on our Google Classroom pages.