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Welcome to Ms. Craughwell's classES!

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thu. dEC. 14, 2017

8TH RELIGION - Complete page 44 in your Religion book. Due tomorrow (Fri. Dec. 15).

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - Some students need to complete the CLASSWORK "fill in the blank" assignment that was given in class yesterday (Wed. Dec. 13). It is due TOMORROW (Fri. Dec. 15). If you misplaced it OR WERE ABSENT FROM CLASS, see Google Classroom where I have attached a Google Doc version of the assignment. (Even if you don't have a printer at home, you can write the answers on a piece of paper!) Use your Discovery Education E-Book to do the assignment. 

Wed. dEC. 6, 2017


On PAPER TO TURN IN, continue the following assignment. If you were ABSENT today, please do this on paper to turn in. Due Friday, Dec. 8:


  • Complete this statement (on the same paper as the definitions): The New England region came to include the states we now call ________,  ________, ________, _________, ________, and _________. (HINT – there are six):  

Write a 1 or 2 sentence definition for the following (and ONLY WRITE ON ONE SIDE OF THE PAPER!!!):

•    Puritan
•    Plymouth Bay Colony 
•    Massachusetts Bay Colony
•    John Winthrop
•    Massasoit

Wed. NOV. 29, 2017

8TH GRADE RELIGION  see Google Classroom to complete an assignment on Google Forms and then submit. Due Thursday night (so I can review before class on Friday). 

7TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  Finish reading ALL the pages in the section. Do the following questions in your Social Studies notebooks and write in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Page 40, #1A, #1B, #1C, #2B, #3A, #3B. Due FRIDAY DEC. 1. (Also posted on Google Classroom)

Tue. Nov. 14, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  see Google Classroom to complete an assignment on Google Forms and then submit. The reading you must do for the assignment is the BOTTOM of page 2 (Roanoke section), and pages 3-4 of Chapter 2.1.

8TH GRADE RELIGION   Chapter 4 test tomorrow. 

7TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - turn in the ROMAN EMPIRE picture/chart tomorrow (Wed. Nov. 15)


Wed. Nov. 1, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES   In Chapter 1.5, read the ENGAGE page and also the seven EXPLORE pages. Fill in the EXPLORERS GRAPHIC ORGANIZER you received in class. It is due Friday Nov. 3.  (Remember, the explorers' MOTIVES means WHY they wanted to do the voyage, etc; the SIGNIFICANCE of their voyage or "discovery" means WHY is it important to history or even at that time. Did they discover a new sea route? Where they the first to sail successfully around Cape Horn?) 

Please also feel free to watch the short videos.

If for some reason you need a NEW graphic organizer, you can print one from the TOP of page 1 on the Explore tab.

8TH GRADE RELIGION   The SLE reflection assignment is due by Friday Nov. 3 at 8 a.m. The details are in Google Classroom. https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/ODQxMTU1ODI3OVpa

tue. OCT. 24, 2017

8TH GRADE RELIGION   Do page 26, Chapter 3 Review, the TOP part (News Flash) and the BOTTOM part (Models of the Church). You DO NOT need to do the middle section (Beginnings). Please look on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. I have posted the Chapter 3 notes there and also put a link to a short, 4 minute video on the DOMESTIC CHURCH that I would like you and your family to watch.

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES   Continue studying your notes for the RENAISSANCE test. I will not give you the test on the Renaissance until we have our accounts back from discoveryeducation (Mrs. Diaz and I are working on it!).

tue. OCT. 17, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES   Most of you did fine on "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" worksheet, just look at the note I wrote in blue on your paper in your SS notebook or which bullet point I circled on the pink slip. If I taped a pink slip into your notebook but didn't circle a specific bullet point, use the websites below to complete all the information. Here is a big hint: two of the wives were executed and two received ANNULMENTS which are different than divorces. One of the wives became a WIDOW when King Henry died.  DUE THURSDAY OCT. 19!



7TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  - Study your notebooks and/or textbooks for an upcoming quiz. Here are SOME of the things you should study in particular: the name of the first emperor of Rome; aqueduct; civic duty; pope (head of the Christian Church); Stoics; innovation (page 27); Patricians; Plebeians. 

Mon. OCT. 16, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  Complete "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" worksheet. REMEMBER TO NUMBER EACH WOMAN'S NAME TO INDICATE WHETHER SHE WAS THE FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, etc wife of Henry VIII. Here are some websites that will help you:




7TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  - Study your notebooks and/or textbooks for an upcoming quiz. Here are SOME of the things you should study in particular: the name of the first emperor of Rome; aqueduct; civic duty; pope (head of the Christian Church); Stoics; innovation (page 27); Patricians; Plebeians. 

thu. OCT. 12, 2017

8TH GRADE RELIGION  Drawing of the events leading to the BIRTH OF THE CHURCH. You can do it cartoon panel style or even make a little booklet but these are the FIVE scenes that should be included (although you could combine #s 2 and 3 into one scene). 1) At the Ascension, Jesus tells the Apostles that he will SEND HIS SPIRIT to be with them and give them courage. 2) The Apostles are afraid and hide out in the Upper Room. 3) The Apostles and Mary stay in the Upper Room for NINE DAYS praying. 4) On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit comes. It is WINDY and the Spirit appears as "tongues of flames" above the Apostles' heads. 5) Filled with courage and strength the Apostles burst out of the room where they have been hiding and onto the streets of Jerusalem. They preach and baptize THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE THAT DAY. (You *may* color the drawing if you like but it does not need to be colored HOWEVER do not turn in a drawing with just pencil. The pencil should be covered with black pen or marker.)

mon. OCT. 9, 2017

8TH GRADE RELIGION  1) CHAPTER 2 TEST TOMORROW!  (Some of the vocab to know: Sacred Tradition, p. 15; purgatory, p. 16; salvation history, notes; Communion of Saints, p. 16; Justification, p. 15 -- and there is a drawing in your notes!) 2) Finish the bottom of page 18, "Sentence Sense"

THU. OCT. 5, 2017

8TH GRADE RELIGION  page 18. Do the top two activities, "Putting History in Order," (DO THIS PART IN PENCIL!!!) and "A Church Directory/People of God" (see your notes or page 16 for clues to the answers on this). Do NOT do the bottom part ("Sentence Sense").

Also, you all are in charge of tomorrow's Mass. It would be a GOOD EXAMPLE for the school if you all brought 50 cents or $1 for the collection. 

The person who needs to bring the flowers (either WHITE ROSES or WHITE LILIES), don't forget! 

TUE. SEPT. 26, 2017


Extra credit! Read this article from The Guardian newspaper about new archaeological findings under the ancient city of Tenochtitlan and turn in a one paragraph TYPE WRITTEN summary about the article and what you learned. You may also email me the paragraph at: craughwell@stdominicla.us DUE FRIDAY SEPT. 29. Here is the link to the article: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2017/sep/24/teotihuacan-pyramids-treasures-secret-de-young-museum-san-francisco?CMP=share_btn_tw 

TUE. SEPT. 19, 2017


  • Finish your bullet style notes on: "People of the Arctic" -- the Inuit and Yupik (p. 5) and the "Pacific Northwest Indians" (top half of page 6) -- the Tlingit, Haidu, and Kwakiutt.
  • TOMORROW, Wed. Sept. 20, we will do a practice quiz/classwork (which you will get back on Thursday) and the REAL QUIZ will be on Friday Sept. 22. (We will have a SEPARATE quiz on the forest Indians of the Northeast -- bottom half of page 6 -- and the Plains Indians, page. 7)
  • If you have completed the bullet notes, watch some of the extra videos about the Arctic tribes and the Pacific Northwest Indians.  

8TH GRADE RELIGION 1) Study your notes from chapter one. 2) read page 8 and write the definition of "Sanctify" which is in the third paragraph. 3) We will have a TEST on this chapter on THURSDAY SEPT. 21. 


TUE. SEPT. 12, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  1) REREAD page 4 of the Chapter 1.4 "Explore" tab, Three Latin American Empires:  the Inca, the Maya, the Aztec. 2) WATCH the four videos at the bottom of the page. You may also watch the additional videos that come up for each empire. 3) Choose ONE of the three civilizations and do at least THREE of the categories on the graphic organizer you received in class. Bring to class tomorrow and we will finish in small groups. 

Thu. sept. 7, 2017

7TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - Open NOTEBOOK quiz tomorrow (Fri. Sept. 8) on Ch. 1, Section 1. Definitely know the vocabulary for this section (primary source, secondary source, artifacts, history, archaeology, fossil). 

TUE. SEPT. 5, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - Your maps and map keys (the second page) must be COMPLETE and NEAT and turned in by Thursday Sept. 7. You have MANY resources to use: your techbooks, the atlases I distributed in class today, you can even google “United States climate map” and “United States landforms region map.”

8TH GRADE RELIGION - Our service project posters are taking longer than I anticipated so I would like you to finish the writing of the brief presentation that your group will give TONIGHT. Please have one member of your group email a good draft to me tonight. (craughwell@stdominicla.us) I can give you feedback tomorrow on your drafts.