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Rea  2 tWedWelcome to the sixth grade with Sister Jane!  I so look forward to working with you for the 2019 -2020 scholastic year.  I come to you with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education.  I have taught at or been principal of 8 different schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, and I was the founding principal of St. Julie Primary Boarding School in rural Uganda, Africa.  This year marks my 15th here at St. Dominic School.  I have a Master's Degree in the Science of Education, and  California Life credentials in teaching and in administration.  I am a member of the religious congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame, and I live right across the street from the school!

If you need to contact me, you may do so at   sisterjane@stdominicla.us .  I will publish the homework daily on this website.   I check this e-mail after school Monday-Friday.   You may also contact me through Parent Square.  I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children.



Tues., Feb. 4

  • Eng - textbook pages 112-113...boys odds, girls evens
  • Sci - study for retest of unit one material...it will be a different test
  • Math - study for retest....it will be the same test...do corrections of mistakes
  • Spelling - 3 times each - challenge words: judgmental, excursion, argumentative, consumable, pavilion

Wed., Feb. 5

  • Eng - page 114 and study for verb test tomorrow

Thurs., Feb. 6

  • English - study for unit test/verbs and adjectives for tomorrow
  • Math - test corrections and pg. 126 onlly the check
  • RWN - finish the 2 spelling pages for 3.3
  • Book report/review for February,,,,your choice of the format....diarama or poster with a summary, the book report form, an adobe spark video....your choice.  It is due on Feb. 18

Fri., Feb. 7

  • Religion - complete worksheet on famous American Catholics in preparation for presenting a report on one which we will select next week.
  • Math - test corrections
  • Reading - complete the Scholastic Magazine...finish reading your book for your report/review which is due on the 18th
  • SST - lesson review and essential questions for 4.2 and study for lesson test on Monday

Wed., Feb. 12


  • Religion - Each student has selected an American Catholic who has made a significant contribution to American History.  They need to research their person  on at least three sites.  They need to make a report to the class by next Wednesday.  They may use Adobe Spark or use Google slides, or make a poster  to accompany their written report.  The report must be at least 3 paragraphs in length.  They must give details about their entire life and explain what contribution they have made to America history, and why they are important to the Catholic faith.
  • Math - make corrections to the returned test.  If you want a second chance, you will be given a similar test tomorrow.  I will post the best score on gradelink.
  • Reading - book report in whatever manner you wish is due on Feb. 18

Thurs., Feb. 13

  • Religion - complete pg. 162, study We Remembers and study for chapter test tomorrow
  • Reading - prepare for 3,3 reading test tomorrow and complete RWN pasges for Learning to Swim
  • Science - complete pg. 79-82

Fri., Feb. 14

  • Religion report on famous American Catholic is due on Wednesday, Feb. 19
  • Spelling - new words on Homophones three times each:  challenge words:  marshal, martial, discreet, discrete, adolescence, adolescents, stationary, stationery, isle, aisle, straight, strait
  • Book report in whichever form you choose is due on Feb. 18

Tues., Feb. 18

  • Religion - test corrections and Saint report MUST be ready for tomorrow
  • Spelling - correct test mistakes 15 times each and RWN pg. 226M
  • Math - text pg. 138-139
  • Eng- pg. 82

Wed., Feb. 19

  • Reading - RWN pg. 20,  complete vocabwork:  confidently, distressed, fulfill, repay, dismounted, flourish, permission, vigorously, prediction and first read
  • RWN - pg. 211, 212
  • SST - complete work for lesson 4.3 and study for lesson test tomorrow

Mon. Feb. 24

  • Religion - memorize the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit by tomorrow
  • Reading - Complete the second read and the Think Critical querstions for tomorrow
  • RWN - all pages for 3.4
  • Eng - pg. 85 practice book
  • SST - chapter review pages, study for chapter test tomorrow and do the lesson test corrections

Tues., Feb. 25

  • Reading - redo think critica lquestion #5 and study for test tomorrow
  • RWN - all pages for Juan Verdades and spellling pages 226, 231
  • Eng - pg. 86-87

Wed., Feb. 26

  • Religion, pg. 170 and study for the test tomorrow
  • Finish Lenten letter
  • RWN - pg. 233, 235

Thurs., Feb. 27

  • RWN - pages 237, 239, 241
  • Reading - redo Think Critical question #5
  • Math - pg. 153  #1-6
  • Sci- rewrite  problems 8-9 on pg. 83, do pg. 86 - all of it!

Fri., Feb. 28

  • Religion - pages p 173-174-  unit test will be next week
  • Math - textbook, pg. 152-153 and test corrections
  • Eng - pg. 88-89
  • Spelling - make certain that you have completed all lessons up to 3.5 with three times each and sentences of at least 8 words minimum.  You are not responsible for 3.4.  Remember to label the work with 2.1, 2.3 up to 3.5.  The spelling notebooks will be left with me by Wednesday evening if not sooner.

Mon., Mar. 2

  • Religion - pg. 175, and prepare for interview of biblical character, unit test will be on Thursday.  Each student has an assigned biblical personage.  Also, do test corrections for chpt 19 test
  • Math - pg 154 and study for quiz on +. -. x. divide decimal numbers
  • Eng. - textbook, pg. 128-129, boys odds, girls evens
  • Reading - complete the vocab and first read of MORNING TRAFFIC, the 3.5 selection
  • Spelling - study 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 for spelling bee tomorrow and unit test on Wednesday.

Tues., Mar. 3

  • Religion - prepare for tomorrow's Biblical Persons interviews!  1 - give a short bio of your person.  Tell what we know about them.  Why they are important to God's people.  What part they play in the history of God's people.  Be prepared for the interview questions which were given to you before you left school today.  The unit test will be on Thursday
  • Spelling - study for unit test tomorrow.  40 words, 10 each from 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5
  • SST - study for unit test tomorrow.  25 multilple choice questions
  • Science - question #18 page 90, and redo #8 and 9 if necessary
  • Reading - complete the second read of MORNING TRAFFIC and complete the THINK CRITICAL questions at the end of the selection.

Thurs., March 5

  • English - study for online test on ADVERBS for tomorrow
  • RWN - pg. 222, 224, 228

Mon., Mar. 9

  • Religion - unit 4 test corrections
  • Science - 93 - 94
  • RWN - pages 234, 236, 238
  • Eng - practice book pg. 93
  • SST - test corrections from the unit test

Tues., Mar. 10

  • SST - lesson review page 151, essential questions and study for lesson 5.1 test tomorrow
  • Reading - study for unit test tomorrow
  • Math - pages 164-165 (boys odds, girls evens)
  • RWN - pages 240, 242, 245

Wed., Mar. 11

  • RWN - pg. 251 and spelling words 3 times each
  • MATH - COMPLETE all problems on 164-165 and correct any mistakes

Thurs., Mar. 12

Fri., Mar. 13

  • Math - pg. 175-176
  • Eng - pg. 95
  • Religion - memorize the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy...you will write them for me when we return to regular class sessions
  • Stay healthy!  Keep your hands away from your face!  Wash your hands before eating anything!