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Welcome to the sixth grade with Sister Jane!  I so look forward to working with you for the 2018-2019 scholastic year.  I come to you with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education.  I have taught at or been principal of 8 different schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, and I was the founding principal of St. Julie Primary Boarding School in rural Uganda, Africa.  This year marks my 14th here at St. Dominic School.  I have a Master's Degree in the Science of Education, and  California Life credentials in teaching and in administration.  I am a member of the religious congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame, and I live right across the street from the school!

If you need to contact me, you may do so at   sisterjane@stdominicla.us   I check this e-mail before and after school Monday-Friday.   You may also contact me through Parent Square. 






Mon., Jan. 14

  • Math - MH 10.2
  • Eng. - 4.8 (2 pages)
  • SST - test corrections
  • Rel. - test corrections due Wed.
  • Writing - complete first draft of SLE reflections
  • Science - study for on-line test on lesson 3 tomorrow

Tues., Jan. 15

  • Spelling - defaults
  • Religion - review page, we remembers and study for test tomorrow
  • Math - pages 290-291 and study for test tomorrow
  • SST - test corrections
  • RWN - complete the unit review pages by tomorrow

Wed., Jan. 16

  • Spelling - defaults and test tomorrow....3.1      challenge words: hygiene, chauffeur, chandelier, ricochet, chalet
  • Test corrections for religion, SST, math tests
  • Outline for Catholic Schools Week Composition       Theme:  Catholic Schools:  Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed  Do not write sentences...follow the outline form I gave you in your writing folders
  • Unit Reading test will be on Friday

Thurs., Jan. 17

  • Writing - outline for essay
  • Reading - study for unit 2 test tomorrow.......don't forget your book review
  • Math - MH 11.1

Fri., Jan. 18

  • Math - MH 11.2
  • SST- complete all work for lesson 4.2, and study for lesson test on Tuesday
  • Book review #5 with a diorama depicting the book or a scene from the book is due on Tuesday.   The diorama may be set up within a shoebox or on some type of a platform.  A diorama is a miniature depiction of a scene from the story or of the book cover.  You will explain the diorama to the class after you present the book review.
  •  If you need an extension on your EARTHQUAKE project, you may have until Friday, Jan. 25.  If you are finished by the 22nd,, please bring your materials to class and be prepared for your presentation during the week.
  • HAMMURABI project is due by Friday, Jan. 25.

Tues., Jan. 22

  • Religion - complete all work for chapter 15 review, memorize the WE REMEMBER statements and study for chapter test tomorrow
  • Spelling - defaults 
  • Reading - vocab development
  • science and SST - work on projects
  • English - 4.9 practice book

Wed., Jan. 23

  • Math - MH 11.3
  • RWN - pages 189, 190, 192
  • Spelling - return your signed test with corrections 15 times each by tomorrow
  • SST - test corrections

Thurs., Jan.24

  • Religion -test corrections
  • Math - pg. 314-315 and study for test tomorrow
  • Hammurabi monuments and Earthquake projects are due tomorrow
  • SST - test corrections

Fri., Jan. 25

  • Religion - STUDY!!!!  Unit 3 test on Monday.....chapters 10, 11,l 12, 13, 14, 15!
  • Reading - make certain you completed the THINK CRITICAL questions for WHEN MARIAN SANG
  • RWN - make certain you have completed all work for 3.2....remember we skipped 3.1 for the time being.....


Mon., Jan. 28

  • Reading - study for test on WHEN MARIAN SANG   3.2
  • English - 4.10 practice book for Voyages in English
  • Spelling - study for test on words for3.2 and be prepared with an outline for your paragraph
  • Math - test corrections (or study for second chance)

Tues., Jan. 29

IN HONOR OF CATHOLIC SCHOOL'S WEEK, YOUR GIFT IS NO EXTRA HOMEWORK TONIGHT!  Just make certain you are ready for your earthquake, Hammurabi, and book review report projects!  Also, you may want to spend some extra time preparing for your diagramming test which will be on THURSDAY!

Wed., Jan. 30

  • Religion - 5 people's manes whose lives are worth imitating...and why? (circle the one you want to write about) AND test corrections
  • English - study for diagramming test tomorrow
  • spelling - test corrections - 15 times each

Thurs., Jan. 31

  • Religion - complete your outline and paragraph
  • Math - MH - 12.1
  • English - diagram test corrections
  • Spelling - defaults

Fri., Feb. 1

  • Science - complete pg. 78-82
  • Math - MH 12.2
  • Reading/current events - complete the scholastic magazine and return it to class on Monday

Mon., Feb. 4

  • Religion - pg. 154 and learn your WE REMEMBER statements.  Study for chapter test on Wednesday
  • English - 4.11 in workbook (on active and passive voice verbs)
  • Math - MH 12.3
  • Science - start studying for lesson 4 test on Wednesday (you will be able to use your notes!)
  • Spelling - work on your default assignments

Tues., Feb. 5

  • Religion - pg. 154 and WE REMEMBERS, and study for test tomorrow
  • Science - lesson self-check tomorrow...you may use your notes!
  • English - 4.12 in practice book - 2 pages
  • Math - pg. 338-339
  • Reading - complete vocab and first read from 3.3 (we began it in class)
  • RWN -pg. 200, 201, 202
  • Re-do #5 from 3.2 Think Critical 

Wed., Feb. 6

  • Math - correct mistakes from yesterday's homework and study for chapter test tomorrow
  • Spelling - test tomorrow and complete your default work

Thurs., Feb. 7

  • Religion - test corrections
  • Math - test corrections for most....study for second chance for some
  • Science - test corrections from lesson self-check and study for on-line test for lesson 4 tomorrow

Fri., Feb. 8

  • Reading - Think Critical questions for "Learni to Swim"
  • RWN - all work for pages marked with Learn to Swim

Mon. Feb. 11

  • Religion - research your assigned famous American Catholic, write a composition about your "Hero/Heroine" including a biographical sketch, a paragraph about how your person made the world a better place, and a paragraph about what we can learn from this person and why they can be a good role model for us.  This is due on Wednesday.  It may NOT  be any longer than 2 pages, and the minimum is one page.
  • Math - 13.1
  • Reading - test tomorrow on 3.3

Tues., Feb. 12

  • Religion - Famous American Catholic report is due tomorrow
  • Math - 13.2
  • English - 4.13

Wed., Feb. 13

  • Religion - chapter 18 review in textbook, WE REMEMBER statements, and study for chapter 18 test tomorrow
  • Math - 13.3
  • SST - all work for 4.3 and study for lesson test tomorrow
  • Science - complete Unit 1 review work which was begun in class  (you may want to begin doing research for Science unit project which is due on Tuesday)
  • Spelling - default - 3 times each

Thurs., Feb. 14

  • Math - unite review pages 340-341 and study for unit test on Tuesday
  • SST - chapter review pages 136-137 and study for chapter test on Tuesday
  • Science - task due on Thursday and unit project due on Wednesday

Tues., Feb. 19

  • Religion, SST, and math - test corrections
  • English - 4.14 in practice book
  • Spelling - defaults - test Friday
  • Science - performance task due Thursday  and project due on Wednesday
  • SST unit test on Thursday