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Welcome to Ms. Craughwell's classES!

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TUE. SEPT. 19, 2017


  • Finish your bullet style notes on: "People of the Arctic" -- the Inuit and Yupik (p. 5) and the "Pacific Northwest Indians" (top half of page 6) -- the Tlingit, Haidu, and Kwakiutt.
  • TOMORROW, Wed. Sept. 20, we will do a practice quiz/classwork (which you will get back on Thursday) and the REAL QUIZ will be on Friday Sept. 22. (We will have a SEPARATE quiz on the forest Indians of the Northeast -- bottom half of page 6 -- and the Plains Indians, page. 7)
  • If you have completed the bullet notes, watch some of the extra videos about the Arctic tribes and the Pacific Northwest Indians.  

8TH GRADE RELIGION 1) Study your notes from chapter one. 2) read page 8 and write the definition of "Sanctify" which is in the third paragraph. 3) We will have a TEST on this chapter on THURSDAY SEPT. 21. 


TUE. SEPT. 12, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES  1) REREAD page 4 of the Chapter 1.4 "Explore" tab, Three Latin American Empires:  the Inca, the Maya, the Aztec. 2) WATCH the four videos at the bottom of the page. You may also watch the additional videos that come up for each empire. 3) Choose ONE of the three civilizations and do at least THREE of the categories on the graphic organizer you received in class. Bring to class tomorrow and we will finish in small groups. 

Thu. sept. 7, 2017

7TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - Open NOTEBOOK quiz tomorrow (Fri. Sept. 8) on Ch. 1, Section 1. Definitely know the vocabulary for this section (primary source, secondary source, artifacts, history, archaeology, fossil). 

TUE. SEPT. 5, 2017

8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - Your maps and map keys (the second page) must be COMPLETE and NEAT and turned in by Thursday Sept. 7. You have MANY resources to use: your techbooks, the atlases I distributed in class today, you can even google “United States climate map” and “United States landforms region map.”

8TH GRADE RELIGION - Our service project posters are taking longer than I anticipated so I would like you to finish the writing of the brief presentation that your group will give TONIGHT. Please have one member of your group email a good draft to me tonight. (craughwell@stdominicla.us) I can give you feedback tomorrow on your drafts.